Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's not yet too late for Groovy FX

Recently Sun has announce JavaFX, a new family of products based on Java technologies design to simplify and speed the creation and deployment of high-impact content for a wide range of devices. JavaFX initially is compose JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile, which means there are more to come. JavaFX Script was F3 which got renamed. F3 is also the same as Groovy a java scripting language. I think groovy is more mature and stable now as version 1.1 will be coming soon while JavaFX Script has not yet reach version 1. Groovy has a good books Groovy in Action and Groovy Programming.

Sun should have take a good look at groovy or talk to Guillaume Laforge. Sun says " Groovy and other languages have two specific traits which don't precisely meet these needs, namely that they are generic in nature and don't provide the appropriate abstractions necessary to optimize the UI design process and similarly are designed specifically for programmers other than content authors." James Williams has a good comment on this one.

Possibilities are:

  • groovy could be the main scripting language for JavaFX.
  • combine the capabilities for f3 and groovy swing builder.
  • make groovy swing builder as alternative to f3