Friday, March 30, 2007

Grails & Seam

Some of you might have read "Are Rails and Grails scalable?" from Michael Yuan and "Grails on the Radar: Now Seam" from Stephen (sorry can't find your complete name). I think it could be nice to know the existence of each other.

Before I learn and use grails, I used to learn seam first. Seam is a nice framework. Here's what I can say from my short learning (3 weeks), If you're into JSF, seam could help you a lot. No need to write a lot of manage beans that JSF requires. It also integrates JSF and EJB3(JPA) nicely, which I believe is powered by hibernate, and by doing that it hides the complexity of hibernate for a newbie like me. I also like the idea of conversation model (but I don't quite understand well). Seam also provide a good validation feature, just provide some annotation on your entity beans then seam will handle the rest. Being able to use Icefaces in seam is a great plus for this framework.

I am happy to found out seam and what it can do, while I having a hard time to use JSF, Spring, Hibernate combination since I have to learn all of them and it's not easy for a newbie. It was painful and time consuming, and seam really makes things easier. But I am just out of luck. I am just a newbie, just learn a little of java last year(2006), then rushing to learn web application development on Java platform (JSF, Spring, Hibernate). For me, I don't think I am ready to use seam, as I don't know anything about EJB. I am confuse with the stateful and session stuff which I try to seek help in the forum but no one has help me out.

Since rails was so popular, I take a look at it and found out to be great and easy. During the time of studying rails, I discover grails also which is similar to rails at the first look. That's where my grails adventure begins.

I found grails to be much easier for a newbie like me. At first I doubt grails, since it was so easy I doubt that there might be a catch like not flexible and powerful enough as a manual JSF, Spring, Hibernate combination or seam could provide. But until now grails handle everything that I need. Thanks for it's nice concept without the complexity. Since my using grails now listing all the things I like would be a long list.

But I miss some nice features from seam, that I wish grails could have some of it in the future. I agree on what Graeme says that "choose what is best for you". Referring to my first paragraph again, knowing the existence of each other could be very helpful for all of us, to improve our preferred framework.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you needed on the Seam forum. The forums are so active that it is easy for some posts to get lost in the shuffle. When posts to go unanswered, it is usually because the posts don't ask clear and precise questions or because the post is completely unintelligible. I don't know if that was the case for you, but it is the case for the majority of the posts I skip over. I you do keep playing with Seam. I don't think any other Java framework provides the same level of power with a comparable level of simplicity.

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